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Expand your Digital Marketing Knowledge

Whether you're a Business Owner, Marketing Director, Manager, or simply looking to improve your skillset, this training workshop will provide you with a solid foundation in strategic and creative essentials, as well as digital execution. 

What You'll Learn

We provide a comprehensive digital marketing lesson incorporating consumer behaviour fundamentals, social media, search and display, and YouTube marketing. Plus, gain hands-on experience by applying these learnings in a real-life setting.

Tips & Tools

Receive tips and content creation tools for developing meaningful and relevant content for all your creatives,

YouTube Marketing

Learn how to set up and create in-stream, in-search, and discovery ads on the world's largest video platform.

Branding 101

Understand the foundations of a brand strategy and learn concepts on how to optimize your message.


Search Marketing

Receive hands-on guided practice setting up and optimizing ads and campaigns through Google Ads.

Social Media

Learn everything about paid social activations; from account setup, to ad creation and advanced optimizations.

Learn how to set up key performance indicators to better understand your marketing performance. 

Social Media Module:

Includes, but is not limited to:

• Content Marketing Activation + Tips

• Ad Account Setup

• Choosing the Right Objective 

• Choosing the Appropriate Ad Type 

• Ad Targeting: Creating a New Audience 

• The Different Types of Ad Placements 

• Choosing the Optimal Ad Placements 

• Ad Delivery Optimization 

• Bid Strategy, Ad Scheduling, and Budgeting 

• Choosing the Optimal Ad Formats 

• Tips on Creating Effective Ads

• Conversion Tracking and Optimization

• Building Effective Paid Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & other Native Ad Networks

• Advanced Targeting: Creating Custom and Lookalike Audiences (and why you should use them)

• Delivering Ads and Evaluating Outcomes with Facebook Pixel (includes A/B Testing and Adjusting to Data)

Search Advertising Module:

Includes, but is not limited to:

• Mastering the Essentials of Creating Google Search Campaigns

• Exploring the Value of Google Search

• Google Ads Account Setup

• Campaign Best Practices

• Creating Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords

• Optimizing your Campaigns to Improve Efficiencies 

• How to Structure your Ad Groups like a Professional

• How to do Proper Keyword Research

• Creating Text and Responsive Search Ads

• Creating Dynamic Search Ads

• Learn how to Increase Website Traffic and Conversions

• Creating Effective Ad Copy to Increase your Interaction Rate

• Creating Negative Keywords to Reduce your Average CPC

• Creating Ad Extensions to Gain Prominence on the Search Results Page

• Implementing the Right Bidding Strategies to Improve ROI

• Understanding Quality Score and it's Importance on ROAS

• Learn about Retargeting and how it can Improve Conversion Rates and Target a more Qualified Customer

YouTube Module:

Includes, but is not limited to:

• YouTube Ad Account Setup

• Discover How to Reach Your Ideal Customer and Reinforce your Message

• Creating a Successful YouTube Ad Campaign

• Different types of Bidding Strategies for Youtube Ads

• Demographic, Content, and Audience Targeting

• Various Types of Video Ad Formats and When to Use Them

•  How to Setup a YouTube In-Steam Ad

•  How to Setup a YouTube In-Search Ad

•  How to Setup a YouTube In-Display Ad

• Understanding Segmentation Filters

• Ad Scheduling and Delivery Optimizations

• Bid Adjustments for Intriguing Videos

• How to Increase Conversion Rates by Utilizing the Power of Remarketing

• Adding a Remarketing Code on your Website

We don’t beat around the bush. We've eliminated all the unnecessary filler courses other training programs include. Instead, we get right down to business, teaching you what you need to know to create successful real-world digital campaigns. Plus, we know you don’t have much time to learn, so we’ve compressed years of learning into only two intense but practical lessons. We get right into strategy, tips, and tricks, to teach you all the necessary fundamentals, without wasting any time.

How are we different from other digital marketing training workshops? Our training is convenient, hands-on, and easy to understand. We're happy knowing that after you complete your training, you'll know exactly what to do and how to apply it to your unique situation. Plus, we tailor all of our lessons to you and your goals. 

You'll learn how to:

• Reach new audiences

• Increase brand awareness

• Promote your products or services

• Gain more opportunities to convert

• Generate qualified leads

• Increase inbound traffic

• Promote your business or website

• Achieve higher conversion rates

• Improve purchase intent

• Gain valuable consumer insights

• Create richer customer experiences

• Improve your search engine ranking


Solid Foundation

You'll finish with a solid and comprehensive foundation of digital marketing concepts, with technical and practical know-how.


Interactive Learning

You'll receive a hands-on (highly guided), interactive learning experience with a digital media industry expert.


Tailored Training

You'll receive a tailored approach to learning so you know exactly what to do, and how to apply it to your unique situation.


After finishing our workshop you’ll know:

How to set up, create and manage a Google ads account...



How to set up and run YouTube video ads...

How to create Instagram, Facebook, and in-app sponsored ads...



How to reach new audiences


How to increase brand awareness...


How to improve purchase intent...


How to increase website traffic...


How to increase conversions...


How to reinforce your message...


How to promote your products or services...


How to better understand your marketing performance...


Tips and tricks on how to create content (more efficiently)...

Branding concepts that will change the way you think about marketing forever...


How to execute strategies and techniques for your own company...


How to possibly start your own digital marketing agency!



Christina - Business Owner

"This workshop was absolutely amazing! Extremely insightful and very practical. Not only did they help set up all my ad accounts but they showed me what I need to do to run my own campaigns, completely tailored to my business and its goals."

Dana - Startup Founder

"Building a startup can be a very daunting task with many moving parts. I knew we needed a robust understanding of digital concepts in order to execute programs for our own success. This workshop was remarkably the best decision.. "

Jacqueline - Marketing Director

"Being a Director of Marketing requires me to stay up-to-date on many of the changing tides within the digital landscape. This workshop was extremely valuable with new learnings that I can incorporate in our campaigns and practical execution of rela.."

Joshua - Marketing Manager

"I was a bit skeptical at first. But within 5 mins in, I knew I would walk away with a one of a kind learning experience. I was taught how to create ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google. They made it so easy to understa..."

Kuan-yin - Business Owner

"I have taken online video courses before but this was very different. This was more of a guided lesson rather than an online study. Have you heard of made-to-measure clothing? Well, this was a made-to-measure kind of learning experience. "

Muhammad - Inspiring Student

"I've taken other digital marketing courses before and this course provides the most value by far. I learned more in 2 days than I learned in 2 months studying elsewhere. Their guided lessons are very intuitive and easy to understand. Highly recomme..."

Expand your Digital Marketing Knowledge

Leave your info below and receive our training package with additional information about pricing, complete module details, and more.

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